Anne Frank

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”   —Anne Frank

Anne Frank (1929-1945) was a German-born Jewish diarist, who documented her teenaged thoughts whilst hiding from the Nazis during World War II. For two years, Anne and her family lived in a secret annex of an Amsterdam warehouse until they were eventually captured. Though she did not survive the war, her writings were published as The Diary of a Young Girl, which became one of the world’s most widely read books about the Holocaust. Anne’s indefatigable spirit and hope for humanity in the midst of terrible circumstances made her one of the most beloved and admired heroines in modern history.

Here is a great website to find out more about Anne, the Secret Annex, and the friends who helped hide the Frank family.

*Artist’s note: This painting was made with oil on board. It was a very emotional experience, looking so closely at her old photos, seeing the hope and purity of her gaze over and over. It’s wonderful that there are so many lovely photos of her.  I aimed to capture some of that open-ness in her eyes.

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