Princess Diana

“I knew what my job was; it was to go out and meet the people and love them.” —Princess Diana

Princess Diana Spencer (1961-1997) was married to Charles, the Prince of Wales, (who is eldest child and heir apparent to the Queen of England.) She became known as the “People’s Princess” because of the way she chose to connect with everyday people in a way that the aristocracy had not yet done. Diana got involved in charity work and went so far as to minister to AIDS victims in Africa, touching them and loving them in a time when people were still not sure the disease was not airborne or touch-contagious. She also became president of Great Ormand Street Hospital for children in London. A wonderful humanitarian that broke from royal tradition, she was also a mother of two boys. In the end, she was killed in a car crash in Paris in 1997, leaving the world heartbroken and without an famous, yet compassionate role model.


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