Sigrid Undset

“No one and nothing can harm us, child, except what we fear and love.”
― Sigrid Undset

Sigrid Undset (1882 – 1949) was a Norwegian novelist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1928 for Kristin Lavransdatter, a trilogy about the life of a Scandinavian woman in the Middle Ages, from birth until death. When Joseph Stalin’s invasion of Finland began the Winter War in 1939, Sigrid donated her Nobel Prize to support the Finnish war effort she fled Norway for the United States because of her opposition Nazi occupation of Norway. Because she had strongly criticized Hitler since the early 1930s and her books were banned in German, she was forced to flee Norway for the United States when the Germans invaded her country. There, she tirelessly pleaded the case of occupied Norway and that of Europe’s Jews in writings, speeches, and interviews. Sigrid Undset’s face is portrayed on the 500 kroner note  (Norwegian currency.)


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