Susie King Taylor

“There were loyal women as well as men, in those days who did not fear the shell or the shot, who cared for the sick and dying.”—Susie King Taylor


Susie King Taylor (1848-1912 ), who was born into slavery, learned to read at secret schools as a child. Later she befriended two White youths, who illegally taught her what they had learned themselves.   With her rag-tag education, she became the the first African American to openly teach former slaves in a Georgia school. She taught children in the day and adults at night.  During the Civil War, she became the first African American nurse to serve in the Army. She travelled with an all Black troop with her soldier husband and tended to their wounds. When the solders were off duty, she taught them how to read and write.  Susie Taylor was also the only African American woman to publish a memoir of the Civil War.


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